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Is your company looking to capitalize on or increase its current SSIS service investment? We can work with you to efficiently and affordably advise, plan, and implement this potent tool into your company on your timetable.


Humantekart's skilled team of SQL Server Integration Services experts can provide round-the-clock coverage to ensure the effective automation of your SQL Server databases by helping businesses with their data integration, migration, warehousing, and administration needs.

One of your most precious resources is your data, which fuels opportunities across your whole organization. Thankfully, when you have a reliable data integration solution to rely on, combining data from even different systems doesn't have to be a hassle.

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Data migration: Extract XML, flat files, and relational data sources and move them to a centralized data store for better data visibility and usability.


Data transformation and cleansing: Enhance the quality of your data by putting it through these processes before use. You may alter the data you're ingesting, standardize formats, and get rid of duplicate records.


Data warehousing is the process of transforming data and delivering it to your data science team for use in analytics and business intelligence projects.

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Automation of resource-intensive processes and streamlining database workflows will let your staff spend less time performing routine maintenance.

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Utilize your data to its full

Taking control of your networks can be risky, expensive, and time-consuming. Instead, regardless of how your network is set up or how many data sources you have, our DataHub service can send your data quickly and precisely. We promise reliable data in the format you require.

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Profit from a tested

With the right technology, DataHub can connect to any database. We are currently fusing many networks for some of the biggest companies in the world. Their data is quickly and accurately collected in one location.

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Get the info you need in the precise format

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Select the data management tools you require

Select the DataHub options that are best for you. Data decoding, enrichment, reporting, and cleansing during the consolidation phase can improve your data.

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Make contact with a variety of other people

Your data can be seamlessly connected to your favorite systems using DataHub. Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and your neighborhood marketing firm are all connected to us.

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Concentrate on your business while we manage your data

From start to end, our specialists manage and implement the DataHub process. One of our data management professionals will manage the ongoing process for you while our software is simply deployed.