7 Hacks for Creating a Unique Animation Portfolio

Maintaining yourself at the top of the mountain is hard in the world of animation and games especially when there’s competition. For that, the most suitable part is to have a portfolio that puts you over with the first impression.

Remember that those having a portfolio with all the skills are more likely to get work in top 3D animation agencies in the USA.

So, before going on for amazing hacks, let’s talk about what an animation portfolio is:

1. Animation Portfolio

An animation portfolio or demo reel is a combination of pictures and moving animations that highlights your skills to the employees. It also includes short clips with unique styles that enhance your work even more. 

Keep in mind that your portfolio decides whether you’re getting the job or not as it’ll show how much experience you have and how much creative you can get with animation.  

Now that you’ve learned about Animation Portfolio, let’s have a look at some amazing hacks that’ll make your portfolio the best in many:

2. Give a Proper Introduction

Your portfolio must have a proper introduction about yourself so the clients can understand what information you’re trying to convey. That’s because it makes a good impression of you on the people who’re trying to reach you. For instance, you can add your email address and mobile number in the details so the clients can contact you.

3. Add Some Previous Projects

Another timely hack for getting your portfolio strong is to add your previous works as a sample like short videos or images. It’ll let you showcase your talent and creativity, and the clients will get to know how much experience and passion you have for animation. 

You can even showcase new skills for animation as well as a separate work along with your recent projects. You can add the links to websites you’ve worked on as well to make your portfolio more unique.

4. Add Some Unique Characters

Mostly, people add common characters with ordinary sequences in their animation videos which makes their portfolio rank lower. So, to rank your portfolio higher, you must avoid this mistake. 

Employees always want something new and unique for their projects, so adding characters with unique designs and animations always catches the eyes of clients and ultimately makes your portfolio amazing.

5. Select Quality Over Quantity

One of the most essential hacks for creating a unique portfolio is to focus on quality over quantity. Always remember that adding an animation video of one character with special designs and sequence is a thousand times better than multiple characters with ordinary designs.

Moreover, it’ll make the work easy for the clients to know in what sector of animation you’re specialized in. If you’re unsure about what to add to your animation portfolio, you can show your work to an experienced individual for suggestions.

6. Synchronize Your Work with Portfolio

Synchronizing your animation portfolio with your work is important and for that, you can make multiple versions of your portfolio. It’ll help you in deciding which portfolio would be best and be under consideration by the clients. 

If your animation portfolio has some quirky and eye-catching samples, the chances of getting selected would always be greater. For example, if you’re applying for a 2D character animation agency in the USA, then adding videos of 2D characters will always be better.

7. Find a Reliable Online Source

One thing you need to make sure about your animation portfolio to be unique is to find a reliable online source for hosting it. By doing that, you can easily share your portfolio with clients and it’ll show it in Google searches as well.

What’s more interesting is that you don’t have to create a separate website to host your portfolio. You can use any social media platform like Instagram or Vimeo to upload your portfolio. 

Remember that your online portfolio might sometimes be reviewed without you there so add some additional texts to provide details about the work you’ve uploaded.

In The End

Animation portfolios are always amazing but making them more unique with some timely hacks will make them more reliable. You can do that by adding a proper introduction and details about yourself, creative projects with unique characters, and keeping your focus on quality instead of quality.

Doing so will increase the chances of your animation portfolio being viewed by clients and it’ll rank in Google searches as well.


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