Web Designing

HumantekArt is a full-service personalized web design company that focuses on creating websites that instantly draw the target audience of any business. We have provided businesses with user-centric designs that combine attractive and minimalistic graphics.

Our expert design team comprises user-experience and conversion rate optimization professionals that can build outstanding websites that are easy to use for you and your website visitors as well as look great.

Why Expert Web Design Is Important

Your website needs to balance aesthetics and functionality so that visitors will be drawn in and support your marketing and sales efforts. It requires careful balancing between practicality, beauty, and observable outcomes.

Your website can be more significant than your shop in the digital age. An effective website serves as the hub for lead generation and digital marketing campaigns.

But it goes beyond that. Customers can learn more about your company's identity from your website. You cannot skimp on your website design because the digital experience you produce will give them an indication of customer service. Your website will be found by potential clients through organic search, social media, advertising, and more means.

Complete Website Design Services for Every Need

Our web design services range from building brand-new websites from scratch to redesigning already-existing ones. Every choice we make when developing a website to help your brand succeed in a competitive digital market is based on the user experience.
We offer the following web design solutions and services:

Wireframes for websites

The web designers and developers at Humantekart build out the basic framework of your website for you, providing you with a detailed blueprint that includes the arrangement of various pages that are optimized for various platforms and devices.

Mockups for websites

The visuals of your website are more fully developed with mockups than with wireframes. Each mockup project is specifically created for the client's company strategy, target market, and marketplace, taking into account the specifics of their industry.

Responsive Web Design

A mobile-friendly website is essential in today's mobile-first environment. Websites with good user experiences for a variety of users are rewarded by search engines (mobile, browser, desktop, etc.).

Website Audit

Our team carefully examines technological issues that may have an impact on your search ranking and provides suggestions for improving them. Page speed and other performance indicators are crucial factors for search engine positioning.

Graphic Designing

Our graphic design services are always growing and adding more complex visual communication techniques to engage users and tell your company's story.

The layout of a landing page

Each graphic on our website is carefully chosen by our website designers to optimize the user experience and assist your marketing and business objectives.

Web Design Process

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Planning Stage

Understand the focus of the project/responsive website

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Gather Content

Choose a theme/template or coor scheme

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Plan Structure

Choose the platform and decide home page features

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Map Out the major section

humantekart 20


Build the responsive website and add final content

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Test & finishing up

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Launch & Maintain